Things I Love Thursdays | Chopping Off Your Hair For a Good Cause (or Because You Feel Like It)

This is a day belated… but I had class yesterday and was up early to run (yay!)… so here we are at Friday!




A couple of days ago, you may have read that Kellie Pickler shaved her head  to raise awareness about breast cancer and to celebrate and support a close friend. Shaving your hair off is no easy feat; it’s not just a “cosmetic” thing… hair grows back unevenly, many women look “weird” or “masculine,” and it could throw some women into fits of insecurity. When I cut my hair short recently (not shaved-head short, but pretty damn short) the women I worked with supported me, saying things like, “women who know they’re pretty can rock short hair,” or, “women who are already confident don’t have to hide behind their hair.” I’m pretty sure a lot of them hated it and thought I looked ridiculous but… I don’t really care 🙂

I love that Kellie Pickler who used to look like this (and is self-admittedly not a natural blonde) has no hair as a music-industry entertainer. I think that’s a huge sacrifice to make to support a friend– A good one! When I was a cashier at Wegmans, a woman came through my checkout line and she was wearing a baseball hat and kept adjusting it. She was very clearly uncomfortable, and let me know that a close friend had recently been diagnosed with cancer and to be supportive, this woman shaved her own head with her friend. I just remember thinking how awesome that is… I mean, that is love. I know that if a close friend of mine was going through that, I would be on board with shaving my head in support of her… not for the recognition, but I know what it’s like to lose a whole bunch of hair, and it really, really sucks. To have had someone who understood would have been pretty invaluable. So, shaving your head is brave.


Although, didn’t we all think Britney Spears went crazy when she shaved her own head several years ago?

Yeah… That wasn’t “brave,” that kind of was just crazy. Or, was it? Many more women are taking the plunge and either cutting hair very short or shaving it off altogether. For others, hair is defining– it is femininity, it is beauty, it is who they are. Admittedly, I guess that was partly me.


After my month and a half in the hospital a few years ago, about 75% of my hair fell out in chunks… I have not been through chemotherapy or other radiation treatments… but I imagine it must be something like that. If I knew then that I wouldn’t look ridiculous with a pixie cut, i would have undoubtedly gone down that route. Instead, I went with a bob cut and you could see right through my curtain of hair. It has taken years to grow back… several months after the initial “falling out,” my hair stood straight out at 1/2 an inch to an inch long, and it drove me crazy. When it had finally started growing in without looking weird, my ex was joking and said he was going to shave half of my head off (after I had jokingly threatened to shave one of his eyebrows off… I’m not entirely sure what started this, but it was definitely me), and I burst into tears. I felt terrible– I told him he’d done nothing wrong, but my hair was just… my hair. It had fallen out after I had already lost so much (my life and friends in Florida, freedom and flexibility, my plan…) and was only just finally coming back. And here I am, three years later going against everything and chopping it off. I also went blonde this summer, which was something very, very new for me (my “about me” picture is blonde… I will have to take a new one soon with the brunette me).


Basically, I went from this:



To this:

From left to right: Myself, Sam, Jon



To this:

Just cut!



To this:

Myself and Amy at Star Wars Weekend!

Of course, now I’m in the process of going back to brunette, but I definitely feel significantly more confident with really short hair. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a choice… If I’m having a bad hair day, EVERYONE will know… no more default ponytails or french braids. And I literally have three hairstyles: styled, mohawk, bed head… or a combination of the three. I have the worst cowlick EVER on the back of my head, so if it’s not styled correctly it looks super wacky. Regardless, I’m so happy with my hair, and have received mixed reviews from men. All of my ex’s hate it (DON’T CARE!), guys I meet “prefer” longer hair (DON’T CARE!) and guys where I work LOVE it and tell me it looks great (if they’re lying, they hide it well and I don’t care!)… and their opinion doesn’t exactly “matter” either, but it sure does make me feel good… because of the three, their thoughts have more validity.

Anyway, now I’m growing my hair out again… we’ll see how long this lasts. At least for now, I’m going for an “Audrey Hepburn look for Halloween, circa Roman Holiday. After that, I’ll either let it grow out a bit more and then get sick of it and chop it off again. Thankfully, I have a WONDERFUL hairdresser at a local salon who treats me super well. I think that’s half the damn battle…. finding a good hairdresser.

Any hair cut horror stories? Inspirational stories? Did you cut your hair and love it or hate it? Comment below!!


Things I Love Thursdays | Lush Cosmetics

T.I.L.T.! I feel like there should be a day of the week to celebrate my favorite things! Like Oprah, only there won’t be any free giveaways. But anyway, let’s carry on…

This past weekend, LUSH Cosmetics launched their “Emotional Brilliance” collection. Essentially, they have several new eyeliners, liquid lipsticks, liquid eyeshadow, etc. in colors named by emotion. They had a “color game” where one chooses a color on a wheel, based purely on which three stand out first. The “emotions” my mind chose were Ambition, Calm and Feeling Secure (very accurate!). After the color game, my friend Ciarra and I tested the different eyeliners, eyeshadows and lipsticks. You can play the same “emotional” color choice game here. Since I’m so fair-skinned, bright colors look absolutely crazy on me, but I ended up bringing home some Motivation (but not enough to sit down and study rather than watch too many episodes of Lost– maybe I should have brought home two bottles).

I have a love/hate relationship with Lush. I love their products, but I hate that I practically go broke every time I go in there (serious exaggeration, but my wallet would sincerely appreciate it if I just stayed away).

LUSH masks are also absolutely amazing. I have been using Cosmetic Warrior— I don’t love the way it smells, but it does wonderful things for my skin. Catastrophe Cosmetic is another favorite, and I picked up Cupcake over the weekend. I would make other recommendations, but my best suggestion would be to read the descriptions and decide which of these is best for your skin type.

The environmentality of Lush is also a plus– bring in five plastic containers (either from masks, body wash/scrubs, etc.) and you get a free mask. All of their products are natural/organic, and a majority of them are “vegan-safe.” I am not even close to a vegan, but appreciate the non-animal testing, all-natural, tree-hugger mindset of the Lush corporation.

The Mary Kay consultant in me is cringing at the fact that I’m blatently promoting other skin care products, (and I 100% believe in MK products, or I wouldn’t share them :)) but I believe the Lush is a whole other brand/product and I love it.

Do you have any favorite skin care products? Any other Lush-lovers out there? Feel free to comment below!