Five Things Friday | Places I’d Love to Visit

  1. Savannah, GA
  2. Europe (I could be more specific, country-wise… but I just really want to go everywhere)
  3. California (Disneyland!, San Francisco, and… everywhere)
  4. South Africs
  5. North/South Carolina(s)
  6. *Bonus!* Washington DC (again)… going here for my birthday weekend. Any info would be helpful!



Any good info about any of these places, let me know!


Five Things Friday

It’s not quite Friday, but tomorrow will be pretty busy and I am too tired to write up a Things I Love Thursday… so, enjoy Friday a little earlier this week 🙂


In the Residence Life world, it is time for closing. Time for all of the residents to get the heck out! To honor this lovely time of year, are five songs about goodbye.


  1. Closing Time – Semisonic
  2. Goodbye Earl – Dixie Chicks
  3. Little Goodbyes – SHeDAISY
  4. Hit the Road, Jack – Ray Charles
  5. Bye Bye – Jo Dee Messina



Happy Friday, Happy Last Friday of 2012-2013, and Happy Closing– to those of you in the SA world!

Five Things Friday

1. My favorite thing to smell outside is fresh cut grass, especially when it’s warm and sunny, and I’m driving with the windows down. It reminds me of summer in New York (whether it’s February or May– in Florida), and summer is my favorite.

2. Today my lunch was not that great, but the desert was some Oreo cookie brownie cake nonsense with vanilla ice cream, and I could have had 10.

3. Iron Man 3 is out in theaters, and I am SO excited to go see it.

4. I need to move again in less than 2 weeks and the only thing I’ve packed are my books (and dvd’s!).

5. This

Happy Friday 🙂

Five Things Friday

So, I guess I lied to you all back in January when I thought I was back. It’s all…. part of the illusion? Anyway, I really am going to try to be better about posting regularly and going back to normal posts in addition to Things I Love Thursday’s… and let’s welcome Five Things Friday. For these, I will post a list of five miscellaneous things, sometimes I’ll explain, sometimes… what you see is what you get 🙂


Thought Catalog (@ThoughtCatalog on Twitter) is something that regularly pops up on my feed, and although there are sometimes an overwhelming amount of updates… here are a small handful (five!) of entries I enjoy:


  1. Don’t Compare Yourself to Anyone — always good to reiterate 🙂
  2. What Happens When You Make Yourself Vulnerable — something that I have struggled with and have been working on. When I read this entry, Kovie Biakolo spoke to me.
  3. I Cried During the National Anthem of a Hockey Game — in light of the recent events of the Boston Marathon tragedy, this is something that is really, really awesome to see. 
  4. 23 Ways to Show Someone You Love Them — some of these are also applicable to general close friendships… always good to make sure the people you care about feel appreciated. I know the majority of things on the list would make me feel loved 🙂 
  5. What Actually Happens in Women’s Bathrooms — truth.



Happy Friday, All 🙂