You Know What’s a Bummer? I Ain’t Ever Gonna Beat This Summer…

Yesterday, I went to the first Brad Paisley concert I have ever attended. Yesterday, I went to the first concert I have ever attended alone.


I have been trying to put in more effort to really do things for myself that make me happy. Earlier this week, I decided that something that would make me happy was going to Brad Paisley’s upcoming concert. I went on StubHub, purchased a discounted nosebleed seat (I don’t do well with the lawn, so I opted for a slightly more expensive ticket in an effort to not walk away with moist green pants), and was thrilled to be going to this concert, especially alone.


Of course, the day of, I arrived early and took a picture of the energetic set:


The stage! Woo hop!

The stage! Woo hoo!


The plus side, it wasn’t as far away as I anticipated it would be. Over the course of the hour or so I sat around waiting for Chris Young to open, they offered a contest to win “Rockin’ Seats.” It was one of those text-in deals, so I texted the number and filled out the form. I received a confirmation page indicating that the winner would be notified at 8:25pm. Okay, whatever.


I looked at my phone over the next hour or two, anxiously awaiting 8:25pm to be let down. When the time finally came, I looked at my phone: no text. Bummer. So I put my phone away and decided to simply enjoy the rest of the show.  A voice in my head told me to check my email, as well. So, I mindlessly pulled out my phone, turned on my data (we were over for the month of June, so it had been off), and saw this in my inbox:







I was shaking, and had no idea what to do with myself. I asked several staff members, and most of them could not give me a helpful answer regarding the location of the Cracker Barrell Front Porch. At this point, it was 8:38, so I had a minimal amount of time to locate this “porch” and claim my prize! With two minutes to spare, I located the tour manager and he handed me an envelope. I thanked him, excitedly. He said, “you don’t even know what you won!”


I told him I rarely win anything, so I would be happy with whatever it was. Not only did I get a seat upgrade to this:

New baller seats!

New baller seats! #NoZoom


But I won a meet and greet with BRAD. PAISLEY.

Meet n' greet passes & upgraded tickets!!

Meet n’ greet passes & upgraded tickets!!


Of course, the girl who never wins anything wins two tickets and meet n’ greets when there is only one of her. However, I tried to give away the additional seat and meet n’ greet, but NO ONE wanted it (what? what are you even doing here!?). Whatever. More for me, I guess 😛


So I had an INCREDIBLE time watching Brad’s concert from here:




After a 120 minute concert, I made my way to the side of the stage to wait with everyone else for the meet n’ greet. I was ecstatic. Thankfully, they took a professional picture and simply posted them online soon after. The tour manager explained that Brad Paisley was a pretty cool guy– the first artist he had ever dealt with who was willing to do a meet n’ greet after the show rather than before. I must say, I was impressed.
When I was next up, I was totally star struck and forgot what words were, and didn’t know what to do with my face. Brad was incredibly pleasant and friendly. Thankfully, despite my disastrousness, we still got a pretty decent picture:

Brad and Me!! <3

Brad and Me!! ❤


Moral of the story: go to concerts alone and you win cool stuff! (…okay, so don’t quote me on that one. No promises!)


Really though, this was completely outside of my comfort zone. I am so thankful that I had such a positive experience that really encourages me to expand my horizons and go on more solo adventures!


Have you ever really stepped outside your comfort zone? How did it go? What did you learn?


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