Things I Love Thursdays | Spinning Classes

The first time I went spinning was in college in either 2008 or 2009. The only things I remember were being really sweaty and really hating it. Since then, I have avoided every spinning class… ever… and turned myself into a runner and strength trainer. I have been just fine without spinning in my life, regardless of how attractive and fun it seemed for everyone else. All I would think about automatically is, “no– that is something I hate.”

A coworker of mine became a certified spin instructor this past Saturday, and in an effort to be supportive I offered to attend her first spin class. I have spent about half of the day dreading it (when I remembered to) and was dragging as I left work, put on my workout gear, and laced up my sneakers.


However, after Kristen and I trekked across town to a tiny cycling studio in Brandon, I was a little excited. When we got  there and finally went through the 30-35 minute class, I decided that (aside from my butt bone pain from the seat) I kind of love spinning classes. My legs are so much stronger now that I’ve been doing strength training in conjunction with running, and I felt like a beast. My calves and quads and hammies were burning, endurance ringing through my muscles.


I guess the thing to take away from this is… just because you don’t like something when you’re 21 doesn’t mean you won’t love it when you’re 25. I guess that’s applicable to a lot of things.




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