Things I Love Thursday | The Spirit of the Running Community

In light of the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy about 10 days ago, I have come to love and appreciate running– and the community that comes with it– so much more.

Boston Magazine, May 2013

The tragedy that engulfed America and the running community last week put in perspective how lucky I am to be able to run. To still have my legs. Watching footage during my Tuesday morning run of shrapnel and pieces of whatever flying everywhere broke my heart as people who had been running for four hours crossed the finish line and continued to run for their lives. The most frustrating thing (for me) that surrounds tragedy like this is people like Neil:


In no way do I intend to downplay the soldiers, nurses, and everyone else who have dedicated their lives for defending the United States. Men and women who are far away from home and fear for their lives every day. But let’s not forget the special training they receive. Their clothing– they have significantly more than a fuel belt and some tech shorts/shirts for protection. Again, my heart goes out to all military personnel, and every terrifying day they endure… but I am sure that does not mean we should downplay other tragedies when they strike.

The running community was in an uplifting uproar after the Boston Marathon explosions. The Mighty Brighties running Facebook page even posted,

“If you’re trying to defeat the human spirit, marathoners are the wrong group to target.”

So, so true. Of the things that runners endure for the love of their sport; something that is so much a part of them… I think the community was only made stronger by this tragedy. I don’t know about “running for Boston,” but I can certainly [continue to] run for those who cannot.

Random addition:

There are several running groups on Facebook that also make me SO happy to be a part of the community. We see so much animosity between girls and women, but there is absolutely nothing but strength and empowerment coming from the posts. So. Much. Love.


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