Things I Love Thursdays | Living Alone

….Which sounds incredibly depressing and potentially self-depricating, but I really do enjoy living alone. I am able to count on one hand the number of people who I have actually been able to get along with in a confined apartment (or home) space. Living alone means living well.


Although, I will admit that I may have had a few moments (or seven) that look like the scene in Season 2, Episode 5 of Sex and the City when Miranda gets her own apartment, chokes on some food and has to give herself the Heimlich maneuver. Miranda ends up being fine, but continues to worry that she will die alone, only to be discovered after her cat has consumed half of her face. I had one of these moments with my boss last year. She reminded me that this is absolutely ridiculous, and if someone didn’t hear from me for even a few hours, several people would come looking for me (the perks of a live-in position). Good thing– I can’t have a cat.


When I get home, I put my purse on one of three chairs (because I only need one!) and walk into my bedroom and throw my cardigan on my king-sized bed (also a perk of living-in!) walk out of my jeans and throw on pajama pants.  Finally, I sit down on my couch that sometimes doubles as a desk for all of my homework, school books/papers, etc.  Why do I live like I’m in college? Because I can. And no one can say anything about it.

I will say that I am a considerate roommate. When I live with someone else, I keep my multi-purpose surface nonsense in my own space and am on top of cleaning dishes and making sure the living room is a clean, comfortable place to socialize. I am looking forward to settling down and finding someone to share my life and personal space with, but I want to make sure I can remember the times when it was okay for my coffee table to look like this:




My mentor recently moved into a 2-bedroom apartment and uses the second bedroom as a “dressing” space. I love this. I have also expanded my closet into a second closet in the bathroom so I don’t have to smush my clothes (read: break the closet rod) in the designated closet space.


I’m not sure if I’ll ever grow out of leaving some clothes next to the hamper instead of making it IN to the hamper or if there will be a point in time for me where I feel the need to have my bathroom counter space cleared and organized, but for now… I can enjoy those quirks about me, and maybe find someone else who loves them too (…or can at least live with them :)).


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