Things I Love… Sundays | Making Up for a Recent Cop-Out

I thought I should make up for the fact that I totally bombed writing a post on Thursday… I hope this is not foreshadowing for my semester ūüôā


Tonight, I will talk about how much I love my new space, especially the *kitchen* feature. I have spent the majority of the weekend working on things, in addition to unpacking my apartment almost to completion. With just a couple of boxes left to transport into storage, my space is finally spacious and comfortable. In addition, I try to use my stove-top in any capacity possible.

The first thing I made was Macaroni & Cheese (don’t worry, it was the grown-up kind).


I didn’t realize just how much I missed having a stove-top until 12:30 this morning when I wanted an egg and cheese sandwich on a bagel– just because I could. This afternoon I made a box of spaghetti I’ve had on hand for quite awhile. Realistically, I could have made those things in the microwave (I tried microwaving an egg, and it ended up looking like a yellow Peep… and it tasted pretty funky).


I got this book in college, and have yet to use it. Maybe it would have been helpful, but the majority of things in the book are terribly unhealthy and I’d be better off with waffles and Lean Pockets. But now, there are so many possibilities!



One of my favorite things I used to make was parmesan-crusted chicken, rice and a veggie (brussel sprouts, broccoli, etc.). Now that I have a convection microwave (works like an oven!), I hope to have many more meals like that.



This is one of my favorite recipes– I follow it almost exactly, minus the cloves of garlic (I can’t handle emitting smells of garlic for the remainder of the evening).




Yum. What a terrible thing to be craving at 10pm.


My friend Jess at Curating Style posted a sweet corn risotto recipe that I am dying to try. Be prepared for upcoming posts about all of the new and exciting things I can make in my kitchen!



Any favorite stove-top recipes? Please share! I’ve heard mixed reviews about convection microwaves, so let’s stick with stove-top for now!


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