Things I Love Thursdays | Days Off

This is a serious cop-out. I have nothing this week. I’ve been doing accounting homework like it’s no one’s business, had a finance class tonight (he didn’t cancel and it was “optional” as long as we could get to campus). Saturday marks my FIRST full day off since August 3. Praise the lord.


Anyway, my mind has been stretched to its limit…

So, I’m going to link you to some of my favorite places that are not listed under “check these out.” You are welcome for those, and also to be alleviated of my brain-fried ranting 🙂

mckayla is not impressed.


Compliments, anyone?

Ski Free!

Text from dog

Reminds me of summer in New York.

My generation astounds me.

That probably equals out to about as much as I would have written. Enjoy, and comment some of your favorite sites to surf when you’re bored!


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