Things I Love Thursdays | Hilarious Twitter Accounts

I seem to be really, really terrible at keeping this updated… thank goodness for Things I Love Thursdays or we may never see anything up here. I promise to be better about this once training and opening procedures have come to an end.


Twitter is (as we all know) a popular social networking site. It has taken me quite awhile to get into updating Twitter occasionally, if at all. I will admit that the main reason I check it at all is for my fellow hall directors, Lord Voldemort and Shit Nobody Says… and the occasional Walt Disney World  update (YAY for the new projection show at Magic Kingdom this November!)

Under my “Check These Out” page, you will also find a link to Suri’s Burn Book (she is also on Twitter).

I appreciate Twitter account users (is there an official name for them? Tweeters? Twitterers?) who are able to incorporate humor into 140 characters.


I “follow” a fair number of celebrities… Sara Bareilles and Blake Shelton/Miranda Lambert are regularly posting things that are somewhat amusing… and then there’s Kristin Chenoweth who only posts every few days, but will post at least 7-15 times within five minutes. Really, Kristin? Really? Anyway, half of the things she tweets sound really crazy… so I’m not entirely sure if she has someone crazy working for her or is just plain crazy herself. Either one seems plausible (though I will not discount the fact that she was a PHENOMENAL Glinda… and Pushing Daisies/ GCB were both brilliant).

I’m not entirely sure why one would even post this. I almost care less about Kristin Chenoweth being on her iPad settings than I would for someone who I am actually friends with.


This is a bit off topic, but one of my FAVORITE blogs (and for those of you who have seen the “_____ ALL THE THINGS!” memes will understand), Hyperbole and a Half has kind of crapped out (you will notice I linked you to one of my favorite blog entries). It seems that she has some personal things going on, so my heart goes out to her. I hope she gets the oomph to post again soon.



Do you have any favorite Twitter accounts you check regularly? Facebook pages? LinkedIn? Tumblr? Google+? (haha… just kidding about Google+. That was an epic Google fail. They should just stick to search/shopping/maps/docs/reader/etc. ;)).


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