Things I Love Thursdays | Moving to New Places

I have a lot of difficulty staying in one place for too long. I have moved more times in my life within a short period of time than one person should. Since graduating from High School, here is the timeline of moves I have made:


August 2005 – Webster to residence hall space at SUNY Brockport

December 2005 – Moved down the hall because of roommate conflict.

May 2006 – Moved back to Webster at the end of the semester

February 2007 – Moved to Orlando, Florida; Disney College Program housing (HOLLA at Vista Way!)

May 2007 – Moved to new DCP program housing location

August 2007 – Moved to University of Tampa, Brevard Hall

January 2008 ย – Moved to Vaughn Center as a Resident Assistant

May 2008 – Stored belongings for summer, drove back to Webster.

August 2008 – Drove back to Tampa, FL, moved into ResCom residence hall as a Resident Assistant

January 2009 – Student Head Resident (building supervisor) steps down, I am promoted and move to the Head Resident space in ResCom residence hall

May 2009 – Move to Vaughn Center as Summer Head Resident

July 2009 – Due to unforeseen circumstances, move back to Webster.

December 2010 – Move to Orlando, FL

March 2011 – Move to new apartment in Orlando, FL

August 2011 – move to Tampa, FL for a new job (but keep some stuff in Orlando) into one bedroom.

October 2011 – TERRIBLE BREAKUP! Move the rest of stuff out of Orlando to Melbourne, then eventually Melbourne to Tampa (thank God for wonderful friends)

January 2012 – Move to two-room suite-style space (bigger!).

August 2012 – Move to new location within same building, because someone else is moving into this space…… SUNDAY.



So, here we are in August 2012, and I am moving. I might be moving again in a few months. Being someone who enjoys new places and whatnot, I’m ok with moving. I’ve just about become an expert, which is why I’m not terribly concerned that I need to be completely moved out of this space by Saturday evening. Unfortunately, I have managed to accumulate a lot of miscellaneous crap within a short amount of time. So instead of my apartment looking relatively barren, it looks like this:

Books. Shoes. Clothes. STUFF. I don’t need all of this stuff. I’m like a hoarder-in-training. Iย have made some progress and have a pile of things I’m going to donate before the move. Also, let me clarify: if this looks a little like a hotel room, it is. I supervise the overflow facility for the university I work at, which also happens to be a hotel. Honestly, not the worst living situation ever– pool in the building, housekeeping twice a week, fitness center, utilities included, etc. The plus side is, they’re in the process of building a room that has a kitchenette with a stove top (rather than only a large refrigerator and a microwave, coffee maker, toaster… which is the most, appliance-wise, I’ve had for the last year). The room I’m potentially moving in after is the “penthouse” suite that is also in the process of being built. This is mainly because I think it’s going to be fun to live like I’m a high roller, even if it’s only for a few months…. because when I am eventually in a live-out position, I will likely not live in anything nearly as accommodating as what I have now ๐Ÿ™‚

I love where I’m living now (city-wise) but can feel myself wanting something new. I think I’m going to need to purge out my apartment before I do anything drastic. When I moved to Orlando, I received endless comments from my roommate Ryan (who is one of my closest friends) about how my car is so tiny and I had to bring all of my shoes. I don’t think there are that many, and I’m still not really sure why he is surprised that I have the number of shoes that I do. This is my car:

Sophie is adorable, but is only slightly more spacious than she appears. Though, she has been a trooper on the numerous trips we’ve taken back and forth from Florida to New York on the Amtrak Auto-Train. That is something else I love, and has been a lifesaver. Thank goodness for the snow birds who hop a ride back and forth from the north east!


Are you someone who relocates a lot? Tips on moving? Tips on being a minimalist? Please share!


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