Things I Love Thursdays | Animal Adoption

If anyone knows me, they know I’m a die-hard animal lover. I am obsessed with giant dogs, volunteer at an animal shelter less than 5 miles from my apartment and this past March, I was the advisor for a student trip to Tennessee to volunteer with the Horse Creek Wildlife Sanctuary and Animal Refuge.  I try to focus the majority of money and time I donate to charity on animal rescue (the remainder goes to Denim Day and Relay for Life… and to that awesome kid who built an arcade out of cardboard boxes).

Anyway, when I visited Horse Creek last year, I FELL IN LOVE with Nate…

Nate looks like your average yellow lab… big brown eyes, sweet disposition. If I was allowed to have a dog in my apartment, there would have been an extra passenger in the van on the way home from Tennessee. The thing that made me love Nate even more was that he was likely mixed with a basset hound. Those ears look a little big, yes?

LOOK AT THOSE TEENY LEGS!!! Oh goodness, falling in love all over again. I vowed that if Nate was still available if/when I moved somewhere that allows pets, I would trek back to Tennessee and bring my boy home. Sadly, (but not really!) Nate was adopted this weekend along with another wonderful dog from Horse Creek. Nate is such a sweet boy and I’m so happy he found a good home.

I don’t volunteer at the ASPCA shelter here as often as I would like, but plan to kick it up a notch in the upcoming year. The plus side to Horse Creek is that it’s strictly a no-kill shelter. They only house about 25 dogs there, but each animal remains with Horse Creek and receives proper medical attention/veterinary care weekly for the duration of his/her life. Only when it gets to a point where keeping the animal alive is more cruel than putting him down is there any talk of euthanasia… which is a natural process with many loving pet-owners.

For now, I will just enjoy my bear when I visit my family up north:

Note to self: if you take up kayaking recreationally, get a better life jacket so your neck doesn’t disappear.

Favorite animals? Have a good adoption story to share? Tell me about it!


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