Where We Belong

Emily Giffin has finally released her new book today, Where We Belong. I was hooked on Emily’s non-traditional chick lit from her first book, Something Borrowed, and was completely hooked after she made me like Darcy in Something Blue

I appreciate Emily’s complex characters and her focusing on the side of the story that is normally frowned upon or socially unacceptable (betrayal/cheating in relationships is probably the most prevalent theme, in addition to the newest one about a mother being reunited with a daughter put up for adoption just after birth). In addition, all of the characters in Emily’s books are somehow intertwined; we get to know Dex’s sister pretty well in another book…. I believe it may have been Heart of the Matter (but don’t quote me ;)).  My favorite of these is probably tied for Something Borrowed and Love the One You’re With. For the sake of linking, since I’ve linked each of Emily’s other books, Baby Proof was the third novel of the now six books. I think my favorite characters of all of the books are Rachel and Ethan from SoBo.

Happy reading!

A final note: Emily Giffin did an interview last year that gives some good insight into her writing. Clearly, I am a huge fan.

Any other Emily Giffin fanatics out there? I would love to hear about which books are your favorite, least favorite, favorite characters, etc. Feel free to comment below!!


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