Optimism is the Best Policy

When I was in sixth grade, our teacher (Mrs. Kilian– one of my favorite teachers, to date) implemented an end-of-the-year project to bring our class together one last time before we all went off to Middle School. In this project, we each got a list of everyone in the class and had to “give” each person anything we wanted. Mrs. Kilian then compiled the lists and put them in individual packets so we could see what each person gave everyone else. There were the token, “I would give ___ a million Pokemon cards/baseballs/gel pens/horses/other things that sixth graders were obsessed with in 1999.” I have always considered myself a writer even in times when I don’t do a significant amount of writing. I can’t remember the verbatim wording, but Mrs. Kilian wished me something along the lines of continuing my writing and knew that, “one day [I would] be published!”

Who knew the internet would one day make that possible, regardless of who is actually interested in what I have to say… So, in light of this pseudo-publication, I would like to give a pseudo dedication to my family, friends, and Mrs. Kilian for believing in me 🙂

Infinitely optimistic. Me, sometimes to a fault. In my experience, I can have a million and one positive thoughts and things will be going great… then either by suggestion or my own occasional skepticism a negative thought will cross my mind, and whatever great things were happening will go out the window. The negative thought–maybe it’s that I’m really excited about my consistent workout schedule and “I hope I don’t get sick!”— …and then I get a week-long migraine that completely destroys my schedule and I end up sitting in the dark eating pizza.

Conclusion: optimism is the best policy.


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